Copper Minerals from the Valais, Switzerland

The lead isotope ratios from the Valais, Switzerland, were obtained during my doctoral research (Cattin 2008) and can be downloaded here: PbPb_Geologie_Valais.xls. They have been measured using a MC-ICP-MS in collaboration with Igor M. Villa, Laboratory of Isotope Geology at the University of Berne (Switzerland). The ore samples come from the Cantonal Museum of Geology in Lausanne, Switzerland (N. Meisser and S. Ansermet) and the Natural History Museum in Berne, Switzerland (B. Hofmann).

The use of those data must always be cited as follows:

Cattin (F.), 2008. Modalités d’approvisionnement et modalités de consommation du cuivre dans les Alpes au 3e millénaire avant notre ère : apport des analyses métalliques à la connaissance des peuplements du Néolithique final, du Campaniforme et du Bronze ancien. Genève : Dép. d’anthrop. et d’écologie de l’Univ. (Thèse de doctorat : Faculté des sciences. Section de biologie ; Archéol. préhist. ; Sc. 4019)(thèse de doctorat, non publié).

A published version, including site location, geology, and geochemistry of the analysed minerals can be found in the Online Supporting Material of Cattin et al. (2011), published in the Journal of Archaeological Science. This paper presents also the analytical parameters.